Akash Dhotre
3 min readApr 7, 2021

If you want to put your best foot forward and willing to navigate the job market this year. Here are a few nuggets that I followed to secure a position in 2021. I’m confident the takeaways are worth pondering upon.

It all started when I had to move out of IBM in the midst of a pandemic recession. I was uncertain about my next move; it felt like walking on thin ice. Being international students, we have to — maintain VISA status, search for employers (willing to sponsor), manage living expenses, and have emotional sanity throughout the uphill battle.

  1. Pause and accept the reality
  2. Improve your social presence (It works wonders!)
  3. Building and own your Linkedin network
  4. Understand the market landscape
  5. Upskill
  6. It is a number game
  • Pause and accept the reality.”
    That was the first step (and a difficult one). Bring a shift in perspective and consider it to be a new canvas that is limitless. I was ready to experiment, fail, dust myself and repeat it day-in and day-out. Somedays, you are the driver, and somedays you are the bug on the windshield.
  • “Improve your social presence. It works wonders!”
    I found recruiters reaching out to me once my social presence was polished. There is a ton of information available; which one to pick is entirely your choice. Personally speaking…
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